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Psyllium husk powder

  • Product Name

    Psyllium husk powder

  • Purity

    Psyllium husk powder 98%

  • Source

    Psyllium husk seed

  • Appearance

    Yellow to light brown powder

  • Standard


  • Function

    Psyllium husk is an effective herb used to lose weight and in maintaining general intestinal health. Psyllium husk’s benefits come from its spongy fiber that is not readily digestible presenting a feeling of fullness thus reducing appetite.  The fiber-rich psyllium husk also improves digestion while cleansing the system. Psyllium is an excellent source of fiber for low carbohydrate diets that is effective in weight control programs.

  • Application

    Main use in pharmaceutical formulations, breakfast cereal, as a basic stabilizer in ice-cream and frozen deserts, as sizing agent in chocolates, in bakery product like rice cake, jams etc.